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SUDAC International Conference: Documentation now online!

On October 18th, the SUDAC International Conference 2019 took place in Bern. The event allowed for the presentation of the SUDAC programme and its instruments: the Consortia for Education and Research (COFERs) and the Clusters of Cooperation in the Globk South (CLOCs). It also gave a platform for a stimulating exchange and an enriching debate. The presence of different stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 has provided a wide range of perspectives and demonstrated the dimensions of the challenge of achieving the SDGs. The attendance of several Southern Partners of SUDAC has further widened the scope and enabled a discussion beyond Switzerland.

The full documentation is now online, including a conference report, presentations, video statements and photos. Link


In der Dokumentation finden sich sämtliche Publikationen, Positionen und Dokumente.