Fulbright Foreign Student Program

This is the grant you would like to apply for, if you want to pursue

  • a Master’s or Ph.D. degree;
  • non-degree coursework;
  • or Ph.D. research

The Grants are four to ten months in length and not renewable. They are to be used toward the cost of tuition and other academic expenses. In general, a grant for one academic year is about $20,000. However the final grant amount awarded per grantee depends on the number of finalists and on the availability of funds.  Applications will be accepted in all fields, except law, medicine (not including Public Health or medical research), dentistry, and veterinary medicine.

Johannes Köppel, UC Berkeley, USA

"The Fulbright has allowed me to change my career in a way I never thought possible. It allowed me to ease the cost of an MBA in the United States. It helped me get accepted in one of the Top 10 universities and it provided me with a great network."

Eligibility Criteria

Application process


Placement at U.S. institutions

Further guidance and support