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The brand

The swissuniversities logo is a simple denominative mark description that makes a bold statement with a minimal change – the letter i occurs four times in the name and is written upside down each time. Studying, teaching and researching in Switzerland as a statement showing top-flight qualifications in a very special environment.

The point of the swissuniversities logo is that it is matter-of-fact, competent and resolute. With the choice of “Swiss red” as the primary logo colour, swissuniversities is clearly drawing attention to its location.

The swissuniversities brand does not want to compete with the universities’ individual homepages. The corporate design is therefore low key and works with a considerable amount of white.

What does the swissuniversities brand stand for?

The swissuniversities brand stands for the institution which is bringing together the three rectors’ conferences CRUS, KFH and COHEP in accordance with legal specifications (HFKG) to form one conference. From 2015, swissuniversities will represent the joint rectors’ conference of Swiss universities and will represent these both at home and abroad.

Are there sub-brands or logo add-ons?

swissuniversities is to be a strong brand with character. This is why it was decided to pursue an corporation brand strategy with no sub-brands or logo add-ons.

How do you write swissuniversities?

swissuniversities is always written lower case. Always. Just as in the logo.