Bodies of the Chamber of Universities of Teacher Education

In order to fulfil its mandate, the Chamber of Universities of Teacher Education has a number of commissions and topic-related working groups. The internal bodies support the Chamber in achieving its strategic objectives and foster coordination between the universities of the teacher education and other teacher training institutions. They are composed of specialists from the various UTEs.

Kommission Administration/Finanzen/Personal

Kommission Ausbildung

Kommission Forschung/Entwicklung

Kommission Qualitätsentwicklung

Kommission Weiterbildung/Dienstleistungen

Arbeitsgruppe Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Arbeitsgruppe Bildung und Migration

Arbeitsgruppe Fremdsprachen

Arbeitsgruppe Gender/Chancengleichheit

Arbeitsgruppe Hochschuldidaktik

Arbeitsgruppe IRUTE

Arbeitsgruppe Kommunikation

Arbeitsgruppe Medien/Informatik