Participation of members of the chamber in delegations and commissions

The chamber of universities participates in the affairs of swissuniversities as a representative of universities. It proposes representatives of the universities to the swissuniversities Board for the delegations and other bodies of swissuniversities. It can set up commissions for the main areas of its activities. To improve efficiency, it ensures that duplications with swissuniversities bodies are avoided. The members of the chambers who participate in a swissuniversities delegation or on a university-specific commission

a) deal with all significant aspects of the respective areas of expertise and responsibility, irrespective of the current business and agenda items;

b) maintain contact and an exchange of information with commissions and working groups;

c) present arguments during chamber consultations, particularly from the perspective of their delegation area, and

d) announce when business is ready to be taken up by the chamber or there are new initiatives.

In general, the delineation of the commission's areas of responsibility as well as the composition, division of duties and organisation of the commissions are flexible. They are periodically reviewed by the chamber.
The members of the chamber or representatives of universities appointed by the chamber are currently involved in particular in the following areas:

and in the administration of the following programmes:

  • Doctoral programmes - SUC programme P-1
  • Scientific information: access, processing and safeguarding - SUC programme P-2
  • Performances de la recherche en sciences humaines et sociales (Conducting research in the humanities and social sciences) - SUC programme P-3
  • Equal opportunity/gender studies - SUC programme P-4
  • Sciex-NMS