COFER WelCit: Welcoming Neighbourhoods. Sustainable Migration in North and West African Cities

About the project

The interdisciplinary project “Welcoming Neighbourhoods: Sustainable Migration in North and West African Cities” seeks to understand the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion dynamics among mobile people (internal and external migrants, circular migrants, commuters) in specific neighbourhoods characterised by diversity (in terms of the life histories, and particularly the mobility experiences, of the people who live there) and their contribution to social, economic, and cultural innovation.
With our focus on innovation, we wish to contribute to several of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s goals, in particular Goal 11 (inclusive, safe, resilient and, sustainable cities), Goal 3 (healthy lives and wellbeing), Goal 16 (peace, justice, and strong institutions), Goal 12 (sustainable consumption and production), and Goals 8 and 9 (economic performance and work).

Head of COFER

Dr Sandro Cattacin
Institute for sociological research (IRS)
University of Geneva
40, Bd. Du Pont d’Arve
1211 Geneva 4

Project summary