P-9 Development of academic skills in subject-specific didactics 2017-2020

This programme is funded within the framework of the federal project contributions 2017-2020.

The project "Development of academic skills in subject-specific didactics 2017-2020" is intended to ensure that Swiss universities of teacher education (UTE) continue to have highly qualified specialists in subject-specific teaching methodology as lecturers, and are able to offer courses to the trainee teachers on a strong scientific foundation.

UTE have submitted 57 individual projects, in two sub-projects, in close cooperation with the Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). These aim to support the creation of an effective structure for subject-specific didactics as a scientific  discipline, and promoting young talent.

Project content

Subject-specific didactics as academic disciplines are of central importance to teacher training.

Sub-project 1 (TP1)

By means of TP1 the subject –specific didactics are to be institutionally and structurally consolidated and developed.

Sub-project 2 (TP2)

TP2 aims at supporting the disciplinary structure of the subject-specific didactics by promoting qualified young talent. To promote personal development, networks for qualifications and careers are to be created.

Sub-project 3 (TP3)

TP3 will establish an international expert committee, which will be in charge of contributing to the development of a national strategy in the field of subject-specific didactics. This task will be done in close cooperation with the UTE Chamber. The strategy should be implemented within the BFI period 2021-2024.


Patricia Schmidiger
Scientific collaborator subject-specific didactics
T +41 31 335 07 73

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Accepted projects TP1 (in German/French)

Accepted projects TP2 (in German/French)