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TP1: Doctoral programme of the universities (the 10 cantonal universities and 2 ETHs)

This programme is funded within the framework of the federal project contributions 2017-2020. The implementation and the financing of the project contributions 2017-2020 are subject to the decisions of the Parliament.

The sub-project TP1 is the successor to the currently running SUK programme P-1 "Doctoral programmes" (2013-2016), which has the goal of improving the appeal and quality of doctoral education and of the doctorate as well as of the career prospects of doctoral candidates. It supports the universities by annual contributions to the development, expansion and the running of doctoral programmes which best complement the existing institutional structures.


The primary emphasis is on the following goals:

  • The arts humanities and social sciences: The focus of promotion is on doctoral programmes in these disciplines, however, new doctoral programmes in other disciples disciplines are also encouraged.
  • An interdisciplinary approach is taken, embracing the various institutional structures: The promoted programmes and activities are inter-university (two or more universities) or inter-institutional (two or more units of a university).
  • Sustainability: The universities continue successful programmes/activities that are in harmony with their strategy/planning.



TP1 is subdivided into two "pillars".

First pillar: "Current programmes"

Firstly, the doctoral programmes and activities created in the years 2012/13-2016 are continued. Therefore part of the funds will be allocated to the universities and ETHs using the well-proven allocation scheme of the currently running SUK programme. It is their responsibility to select which programmes/activities they wish to continue to promote with these funds.
The annual portions reserved for the "currently running programmes" apply the  declining balance method: This allows the universities and ETHs to continue the majority of the programmes in the first year of sponsorship, and offers an incentive to gradually take on other successful programmes in the following years where these are in harmony with their strategy/planning.

Second pillar: "New programmes"

Secondly, new programmes set up in 2017 are also promoted. The universities have been invited to submit applications to swissuniversities for the funding of doctoral programmes, by 15 September 2016 (one application per institution for all programmes for which funding is desired, with prioritisation of these programmes by the respective university).

The present invitation represents the only one that will be issued for the entire period 2017-2020. No further invitations are planned.

Decisions: November 2016




Noëmi Eglin-Chappuis
Programme coordinator TP1
T +41 31 335 07 37

Invitation to the submission of proposals attn. UH (in German or French)