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Merkmale der PH und Strategie 2017-2020

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A National Open Access Strategy: Toward the Unrestricted Publication of Research Output

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Die europäischen Hochschulen fordern ein sofortiges Überdenken von Trumps Einreiseverbot

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Neue Governance für das Zulassungsverfahren für das Medizinstudium

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Echange et coopération en recherche et enseignement: opportunités européennes

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SUDAC programme: first call for proposals launched

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EURAXESS website relaunch: we are online

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BREF – Brückenschläge mit Erfolg

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Sonderpädagogische Kompetenzen in der Ausbildung von Regelklassen-Lehrpersonen

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P-7: Equal opportunity and university development 2017-2020

This programme is funded within the framework of the federal project contributions 2017-2020. The implementation and the financing of the project contributions 2017-2020 are subject to the decisions of the Parliament.

The "Equal opportunity and university development" programme aims to ensure an even number of men and women in higher education and is also concerned with other aspects of inequality and diversity at universities. The programme helps to secure equal opportunity by means of action plans (a proven tool) and facilitates collaborative beacon projects across universities and other higher education institutions.

Module A - Actions plans

The action plans will finance university activities that ...

... engage with general frameworks and decision-making processes at the levels of organisational management and culture, and which thereby facilitate institutional change and learning processes. The goal is to better integrate equal opportunity into the universities’ central processes and development.



The call for tender has been closed

Deadline for applications: 7 October 2016

Decisions: End of November 2016

The action plans are to be submitted by filling in the appropriate forms. The forms as well as further information and documents regarding the call for tender can be downloaded below.

Submission instructions

Anweisungen für die Einreichung des Dossiers (Dok. 19/16) (in German) / Instructions pour le dépôt des dossiers (Doc. 19/16) (in French)

Orientierungsrahmen P7 für die "Chancengleichheit und Hochschulentwicklung" 2017-2020 (Dok. 27/16) (in German) / Tableau synoptique P-7 pour l’ « Égalité des chances et développement des hautes écoles » 2017-2020 (in French)


Distribution of funds 2017 (Doc. 22/16) (in German/French)

Verteilschlüssel zwischen den Hochschulen für Modul A - 2017-2020 (Dok. 22/16) (in German/French)

Projektantrag P-7, Finanzplan - jährliche Tranchen (Dok. 38/16) (in German/French)

Submission forms

Programm Chancengleichheit und Hochschulentwicklung 2017-2000, P-7 (Dok. 28/16) (in German) / Programme Egalité des chances et développement des hautes écoles 2017-2020, P-7 (Doc. 28/16) (in French)

Jahres Finanzplan für einen Antrag auf Gewährung von projektgebundenen Beiträgen nach HFKG, Art. 59 (Dok. 29/16) (in German) /  Plan financier annuel pour une demande d'octroi de contributions liées à des projets selon la LEHE, Art. 59 (Doc. 29/16) (in French)



Module B - Project cooperations

Module B fosters collaborations between different types of higher education institutions. ...

... Proposals likely to be highly visible and generate significant synergy effects will receive preferential treatment. This will facilitate and strengthen innovative forms of networking and knowledge transfer between higher education institutions underneath the umbrella of swissuniversities.

Call for tender is going to be launched in spring 2017.

Deadline for applications: September 2017

Decisions: October/November 2017

More information in the project proposal in German or in the French (new with module B) summary.




Dr. Gabriela Obexer-Ruff
T +41 31 335 07 55
(Mornings & Tu/Th)

Catherine Vésy
T +41 31 335 07 67
F +41 31 335 07 12

Project proposal from 29.02.2016 (in German)

Summary of the project proposal from 06.02.2017 (in French)