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Medical School Self-Assessment

swissuniversities offers prospective applicants an opportunity to self-assess their suitability for medical school. The Self-Assessment test may be taken irrespective of any admission restrictions and aptitude tests.
The following soft skills are relevant to deciding whether or not to apply to medical school:

  • Personality traits that may contribute to academic success
  • Personal motivation for pursuing medical training and a career in medicine
  • Expectations about medical studies

These factors are assessed with the help of a questionnaire. The extensive follow-up evaluation enables prospective applicants to compare their results with those of current medical students.

The Self-Assessment procedure is optional and anonymous. Test results have no effect on the admission process. The tool has been designed to raise additional awareness among prospective students of the challenges involved in studying medicine. Self-Assessment serves as a basis for deciding whether or not to apply to medical school.

Please visit SAMED to access the Self-Assessment questionnaire. The site also provides further information and an example.


An additional self-assessment procedure is available for prospective dental students. The site enables applicants to self-evaluate the manual skills important to successfully pursuing training in dental medicine.