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In 1974 and 1979 respectively the Council of Europe and the UNESCO began to establish  international networks of national recognition information centres in connection with the elaboration and implementation of the higher education conventions. These centres were called NEICs by the Council of Europe and NIBs by the UNESCO. In 1994 the two networks were merged into the ENICs (European Network of National Information Centres on Academic Recognition and Mobility) in order to rationalise administrative activities and economise resources. In 1984 the EU joined up with a network of centres called NARICs (National Academic Recognition Information Centres). For institutional reasons the NARIC network of the EU is still operated separately, as it is specifically set up to do certain tasks which the EU can only conduct in its member states and in EEA countries.

These information centres provide information on the recognition in their respective countries of Swiss qualifications for job purposes.

Addresses of the ENIC/NARIC information centres