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Recognition of Foreign Diplomas

Professional recognition is the recognition required to obtain the right to work in a certain field. Professional recognition differs between regulated and non-regulated professions.

Regulated Professions

Regulated occupations or professions are subject to legal restrictions and requirements. As such, they can only be carried out by holders of specific qualifications (e.g. degree, certificate, proficiency credentials) or titles. In such cases, official recognition of a foreign qualification must be obtained from the appropriate agency.

Professions in the following fields of work are regulated:

Non-regulated Professions

In Switzerland, no official recognition of foreign qualifications is required for professions in unregulated fields of work. Recognition is entirely up to the employer.

Swiss ENIC can issue a level confirmation/evaluation for foreign university qualifications which give access to non-regulated professions, provided that a similar university course or diploma is offered by a Swiss university.