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"Receiving the Fulbright grant did not only open the doors to Berkeley Law, but sent a strong message that attending my dream university became more than a bold idea. When I rolled through those impressive gates for the first time, I found a community that inspired me from day one. Passionate professors, inspiring classmates and with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan even two current United States Supreme Court Justices. The Fulbright grant created a special bond of friendship between grantees from France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and New Zealand in the true spirit of James William Fulbright. I will remain thankful to every person involved in this program for making this experience possible. Furthermore, I am looking forward to getting to know Fulbright Scholars here in Switzerland and around the world."

Claudio Berther

Claudio Berther, Fulbright Student at UC Berkeley


"As a Fulbright grantee I was able to spend a wonderful, interesting and inspiring time as a resident of New York City. The experiences I have made during this time are today inseparably related to the progress of my research and an important part of my life."

Djuna Haag

Djuna Haag, Fulbright Student at New York University


"My Fulbright year has been an incredible year, not only academically, but perhaps far more on a cultural and personal level. I am grateful to have had the chance to complete my second master degree at one of the world's leading institutions in international law, gaining in-depth expertise in this particular field while working on an important project for women's rights. Thanks to the Fulbright program and the internationality of Georgetown University, I made friends with bright minds and amazing leaders, in law and in other disciplines, of around 100 countries. My gratitude for this accumulation of wonderful experiences is infinite. I am confident that the many beautiful and challenging encounters in this fascinating country, and in particular some of the most enriching friendships I have ever had, will have a long lasting impact: As son, brother, citizen, and international attorney."

Andreas Schregenberger

Andreas Schregenberger (on the right), Fulbright Student at Georgetown University, enjoying Arlington VA with his LL.M. friends


"I had an amazing and unforgettable year in New York City and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Fulbright and swissuniversities!"

Nino Wenger

Nino Wenger, Fulbright Student at NYU Steinhardt



"The Fulbright grant gave me the time and freedom to realize my research project. Living in the USA pushed me to grow beyond my limits. New York surprised me every day. At Cardozo Law School I found a stimulating academic environment. As a Fulbright Scholar I became part of a thriving global community. I made friends for life."

Vanessa Rüegger

Dr. iur. Vanessa Rüegger, University of Basel, Fulbright Scholar at Cardozo Law School (New York)



"The Fulbright has allowed me to change my career in a way I never thought possible. It allowed me to ease the cost of an MBA in the United States. It helped me get accepted in one of the Top 10 universities and it provided me with a great network."

Johannes Köppel

Johannes Köppel, Fulbright Student at UC Berkeley



"Mein Jahr als Fulbright Visiting Researcher habe ich sowohl beruflich wie auch persönlich als eine enorm inspirierende Horizonterweiterung erlebt. Nicht nur mein Dissertationsprojekt, sondern auch meine Identität als Wissenschaftlerin hat von den unzähligen Gesprächen mit Expertinnen und Experten enorm profitiert."

Fabienne Ruppen

Fabienne Ruppen, Fulbright Visiting Student Researcher at University of Texas at Austin