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Applying to Medical School

General Information

Please read the information sheet on the 2017 registration process carefully.

If you wish to start your studies either in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine or in chiropractics in the autumn semester of 2017, you must register electronically at swissuniversities by 15 February 2017.

Please note that the form sent to the corresponding email address once online registration has been completed must also be posted to swissuniversities by this deadline.

For further details visit our FAQ page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to switch to a different medical course after enrolment, the actual university and not swissuniversities will deal with this. In some cases, you will be required to register at swissuniversities by a certain date in order to be able to attend a possible aptitude test. There is, however, no centralised assignment of study places for this. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant university.

Admissions to Medical School

Places at Swiss medical schools are limited. The number of admissions per academic year is decided at the federal level. Should competition for places remain as intense as in previous years, admissions restrictions may apply at certain universities. These include pre-course aptitude tests or increased intra-university selection during the first year of study.

Applicants should contact their chosen university for information about general admissions requirements.

Please see here for admissions requirements for international students.



Student advice

Find out about "soft skills" and trends in medicine studies by using the new Self-Assessment.

For general questions concerning degree course choice, please refer to Beratungsseite des Zentrums für Testentwicklung und Diagnostik (ZTD).



swissuniversities Schedule for 2017 Medical School Admissions Process

A. Schedule for Restricted Admissions Process

swissuniversities application deadline
March 2017Universitiy Council recommendations based on application evaluation
23.05.2017swissuniversities application deadline for aptitude test
07.07.2017Aptitude test
until ca. 08.08.2017Universities notify candidates of aptitude test results


B. Schedule for Unrestricted Admissions Proccess

15.02.2017swissuniversities application deadline
March 2017University Council recommendations based on application evaluation




All application enquiries should be directed to the Medical School Admissions Office.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30–11.30.         

T +41 31 335 07 70