Registration formalities

What is the registration deadline for medical studies?

Students who would like to be admitted to medical studies must register with swissuniversities by 15 February of each year. Prospective students must complete the online form, print it and submit the printed version of the form.

Admission criteria

What are the general admission criteria for medical studies?

In general, the same criteria apply for admission to medical studies in Switzerland as for other courses of study at Swiss universities. Other criteria, which you can read about below, may be issued. In particular, foreigners are subject to special admission criteria. Further information in this respect is provided by the universities.

Qualifying examination

The following information is applicable in the event that the Schweizerische Hochschulkonferenz SHK recommends that certain universities apply admission restrictions (numerus clausus) for certain disciplines in March of the respective year. Changes in this respect remain reserved and will be immediately communicated on the website of swissuniversities.

Changing universities and disciplines

Is it possible to switch between universities with a qualifying examination and universities without?

After the registration deadline of 15 February passes it is no longer possible to switch between universities with a qualifying examination and universities without, or to switch between universities without admission restrictions. Requests to change universities/disciplines within the pool of universities with a qualifying examination can be submitted to swissuniversities until the registration deadline for the exam (45 days before the date of the exam). Requests that are submitted thereafter will no longer be taken into consideration.

Recognition of studies completed in a foreign country


Can studies completed in a foreign country be credited towards the start or continuation of medical studies in Switzerland?


The question of recognising studies completed in a foreign country must be clarified with the responsible faculty of the university in Switzerland at which the student would like to study. Provided the admission criteria are met, the university will decide whether the student can begin at a higher academic level.