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Technical Professions

Architect and Civil Engineer

In Switzerland, work permits for these professions lie within the jurisdiction of the cantons. Some cantons (Vaud, Genève, Lucerne, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Ticino) regulate this occupation and require a diploma in order to exercise the profession. In others, above all the cantons in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the profession is not connected to specific requirements.

In the cantons which do not regulate these professions a diploma recognition is not required in order to work. In the cantons where the professions are regulated , the applicant has to be registered in the cantonal register by the responsible cantonal body before exercising the profession.

Authorities responsible for the recognition of foreign diplomas

Licensed Cadastral Land Surveyor

Admissibility of foreign diplomas for the Register of licensed cadastral land surveyors (regulated activities according to Swiss jurisdiction such as Federal Act on Geoinformation, SR 510.62 and Ordinance on Official Cadastral Surveying, SR 211.432.2): Swiss Federal Commission for the licensing of cadastral land surveyors