Scholarships for study abroad


  • On behalf of the Swiss government swissuniversities manages scholarships from over 30 foreign governments which are available to Swiss students and/or researchers interested in studying abroad. In some cases artists may also apply. (In return, the Swiss government offers foreign researchers and artists government scholarships to study or conduct research in Switzerland.)
  • swissuniversities does not have the financial means to award scholarships or grant loans.
  • swissuniversities does not have any contact with the cantonal grant departments nor with private institutions.

Foreign government scholarships

Foreign government scholarships are awarded by more than 30 countries to Swiss students and researchers wishing to study abroad. Swiss artists may also apply for some countries.

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Grants for the USA

American government scholarships and private scholarships are awarded for study in the USA. The two-part application process is very time-consuming.

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How do I apply for foreign government scholarships?

Application forms for almost all countries can be downloaded from the internet. Many countries require you to apply directly in the host country.

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Cantonal grants

In Switzerland the cantons are responsible for awarding financial support (grants and loans) to students wishing to study in Switzerland or abroad. On the basis of the relevant cantonal legislation they decide who receives such financial support. In principle, persons with a residence permit or refugee status may also apply for financial support.

Under the Bologna Guidelines Art. 1 para. 2, grants can be awarded for both bachelor and master degrees.

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Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF (for researchers)

The Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF has a wide range of instruments to promote scientific research. These are basically open to all scientists operating in Switzerland, regardless of their nationality. In most cases the researchers can determine the topic and scope of their research themselves.

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Other funding opportunities

swissuniversities occasionally receives information about various other funding opportunities from higher education institutions, research institutions or foundations abroad.

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Information on funding opportunities at universities

We recommend that you consult your university website; some universities publish information about funding under "Outgoing" or "Mobility".


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