Foreign government scholarships for Swiss students and researchers

On behalf of the Swiss government, the Scholarship Service of swissuniversities manages the foreign government scholarships of more than 30 countries. These scholarhips are available for Swiss students and/or researchers interested in studying or doing research abroad. In some cases artists may also apply. The government scholarships are funded by the host countries. swissuniversities does not have funds to award scholarships or grant loans.

We are responsible for the publication of scholarship offers and also for the application procedure and preselection of candidates unless the host country requires a direct or online application.

The types and terms of scholarships as well as the scholarship benefits vary considerably from country to country. It is, therefore, difficult to make general statements about government scholarships. Depending on the country, scholarships are awarded for studies, research, specializations, teaching, art or language courses with varying terms, from a few weeks to several years. In general, a government scholarship covers the cost of living and studying in the host country. However, several countries only offer partial scholarships. In this case, the scholarship holder must pay the remaining cost.

The list of the countries offering government scholarships is available here.

Government scholarships for study abroad

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