How can I apply?

Application documents

The application documents can, in most cases, be downloaded from the internet or are provided by swissuniversities (please specify your study objective and study begin and attach a CV). Information on the application procedure can be found in the scholarship announcement of the country of your choice.

Direct application to the host country

Some countries require a direct application to the host country, mostly online. The information for these countries refers to the date of the announcement. Please note that swissuniversities is not informed about any upcoming changes, e.g. a second application round. We therefore strongly recommend that you regularly consult the latest news on the website mentioned by the host country, particularly with regards to the application deadline.

For the statistics of the Swiss government, swissuniversities would appreciate to be informed about your direct application to the host country.

Application at swissuniversities

swissuniversities  recommends a pre-application for those countries which do not require a direct application. Please complete the pre-application form (in German and French) and return it by e-mail to stip(a) Upon receipt of the new scholarship offer, swissuniversities will send the application documents by mail or e-mail to the registered candidates. swissuniversities then forwards the applications to the host country. The final selection of scholarship recipients is made by the host country which informs swissuniversities or the candidates of the results. In some cases, the results may be notified only one or two months before the beginning of studies.

Please note: We only accept a pre-application for those countries which offer government scholarships to Switzerland and do not require a direct application in the host country. A list of the countries offering government scholarships is available in our sections Foreign government scholarships for Swiss students and researchers.

Contact for Swiss students and researchers

Scholarship Service
Effingerstrasse 15
CH-3001 Bern


  • Liliane Järmann, lic. phil.
    Mail for the USA
  • Christine Kyburz, B A
    Mail for China and Japan
  • Mail for other countries