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P-9 Development of the subject-specific didactics

Contents: In order to strengthen research and to promote young talent, the programme P-9 supports national and international networking and allows higher education institutions to set up and develop master programmes as well as to create qualification positions at Master's and doctoral level

Target group: The programme addresses UTE, UASA and universities.

Duration: project contributions 2017–2020

Call for tenders: It is no longer possible to hand in applications. swissuniversities is actually preparing a follow-up programme for the period 2021-24.

The project «Development of academic skills in subject-specific didactics 2017-2020» wants to ensure that Swiss universities of teacher education (UTE) continue to have highly qualified specialists in subject-specific teaching methodology as lecturers, and are able to offer education to their trainee teachers based on a strong scientific foundation.

UTE have submitted 57 individual projects, in two sub-projects, in close cooperation with the Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences and arts (UASA). These projects aim to support the creation of an effective structure for subject-specific didactics as a scientific discipline, as well as the promotion of young talent.

Project content

Subject-specific didactics as academic disciplines are of central importance to teacher training. These disciplines cover subject-specific teaching and learning and form the foundation for good quality and effective teaching of subjects at primary and secondary schools.

Therefore, universities of teacher education require lecturers trained in subject-specific didactics. One of the goals of this project is to create qualification opportunities for lecturers in subject-specific didactics. Another goal is to establish more – and more specific – connections with international research and development.


Two sub-projects at universities of teacher education will therefore support the structured expansion of the academic discipline of subject-specific didactics and the promotion of qualified young talent, in close collaboration with universities and universities of applied sciences. In a third sub-project an expert committee will be created. This expert committee will provide advice for the development of subject-specific didactics and coordinate its structure with a view to developing a national strategy.

Sub-project 1 (TP1)

By means of TP1 the subject –specific didactics are to be institutionally and structurally consolidated and developed.

Specifically, the setting up and development of the scientific subject-specific didactics are to be advanced and financially supported in TP1 by the following means:

  • Creating or developing Master's degree programmes
  • Supporting and developing new and existing networks of researchers to create and promote scientific knowledge in the respective subject-specific didactics
  • International consolidation of the research in subject-specific didactics (e.g. by cooperative endeavours with international networks, organising conferences, setting up an academic journal for subject-specific didactics, etc.)
  • Preparing applications for project funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation based on cooperation among the various types of universities.

Sub-project 2 (TP2)

TP2 aims at supporting the disciplinary structure of the subject-specific didactics by promoting qualified young talent. To promote personnel development, qualification and career positions are to be created.

Creation of qualification positions at the Master's level

Qualification positions are created for Master's degree students, meeting the following requirements:

  • assisting in the field of research in subject-specific didactics;
  • assisting in the field of teaching subject-specific didactics;
  • any additional specialist requirements;
  • attending a Master's degree programme for the respective subject-specific didactics

Creation of qualification positions at the doctoral level

Persons who have a Master's degree in subject-specific didactics or in a subject-specific discipline, or teachers of secondary school level I and/or II, will be given the opportunity to do their doctorate with the following requirements:

  • assisting in the field of research in subject-specific didactics;
  • assisting in the field of teaching subject-specific didactics;
  • any additional specialist requirements or ensuring practical relevance

Sub-project 3 (TP3)

TP3 will establish an international expert committee, which will be in charge of contributing to the development of a national strategy in the field of subject-specific didactics. This will be done in close cooperation with the Chamber of UTE. The strategy will be implemented within the BFI period 2021-2024.