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P-1 PhD Programmes

Contents: Promoting young talent by strengthening PhD education at all types of higher education institutions.

Target group: The programme adresses higher education institutions and not individual doctoral candidates.

Duration: project contributions 2017–2020

Call for tenders: It is no longer possible to hand in applications. More informations: TP1, TP2, TP3.

The promotion of academic and scientific talent is one of the core missions of Swiss higher education institutions. Within the framework of the programme «P-1 PhD programmes and development of third-cycle education (2017-2020)» they are working to further develop doctoral level and third cycle education. Higher education institutions set the following objectives:

  • strengthen the quality and attractiveness of PhD education
  • create good career prospects for doctoral candidates
  • diversify education in line with demand
  • consolidate and promote research

With innovative networks and forms of collaboration spanning the various types of higher education institutions, higher education institutions want to realise the full potential of swissuniversities while at the same time promoting the specific profiles of universities, universities of applied sciences and arts (UASA) and universities of teacher education (UTE).

The programme incorporates three sub-projects with one shared goal. It promotes:

  • TP1: Doctoral programmes at universities
  • TP2: Cooperation between Swiss UASA/UTE and Swiss universities
  • TP3: Cooperation between Swiss UASA/UTE and foreign universities, with the aim of supporting third-cycle education in fields that are not established at Swiss universities.