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Funded Projects

The projects supported by swissuniversities are assigned to the main strategic thrust of the programme. Explore the changes taking place in each of the four thematic areas. The links will take you to the websites of the individual projects, where you can read the project descriptions and keep up to date with project news and events.

List of all projects


The expansion of licences and the promotion of digitisation and Open Access are intended to create a basic electronic range of scientific publications.

9 current projects


Technical and organisational foundations will make the implementation of the programme possible in the first place. Among other things, cloud infrastructures and a service platform are needed.

6 current projects


Uniform processes for access to research data and standards for processing and archiving are to be established across institutional boundaries.

14 current projects


Existing local services such as repositories, publication platforms or e-learning tools are to be expanded into national services.


5 current projects