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Open Research Data Sounding Board

As the advisory body of the Monitoring committee of swissuniversities’ Open Science Delegation, the Open Research Data Sounding Board provides feedback on the documents created in the field of Open Research Data.


  • Silke Bellanger, Universität Basel
  • Isabel Bolliger, SNF
  • Christine Choirat, EPFL / SDSC
  • Martin Jaekel, ZHAW
  • Christian Lovis, UNIGE
  • Henry Lütcke, ETHZ
  • Mark Robinson, UZH
  • Beat Immenhauser, SAGW
  • Ariane Studer, swissuniversities

The members of the Open Research Data Sounding Board have already worked together in the past as the “ORD Project Group” under the co-management of Isabel Bolliger and Martin Jaekel. They were tasked with compiling the background report as well as preparing the draft of the ORD Strategy and the Action Plan.