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As a coordination office, COSI plays the role of a hub between the higher education institutions. COSI supports them with the development and provision of national services in the area of «scientific information». COSI coordinates a sustainable, dynamic portfolio of shared services and infrastructures for them and fosters the relationships between service providers and customers.

With COSI, a new opportunity will be created to offer services in a simple manner on an inter-institutional basis as well as to gain an overview of all services.

Project milestones

2020December 31: COSI ready for operation
May: swissuniversities-SERI and swissuniversities‑SWITCH service agreement – signature
February 2020: Submission of revision of COSI to the SCHEI
2019December 31: Proposal validated by the SCHEI
December: swissuniversities‑SWITCH service agreement
June: Detailed concept, (version 2)
 February: Submission of COSI (version 1) Proposal to the SCHEI