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Our mission

In December 2018, the swissuniversities committee validated the draft for federal project contributions for “Open Science: FAIR Services for Scientific Information” and asked the Scientific Information Program to elaborate a new strategy and action plan based on this draft. In May 2019, the SHK (Schweizerische Hochschulkonferenz) invited swissuniversities to submit a full proposal based on this draft.

In addition, the SERI commissioned swissuniversities to extend the National Strategy on Open Access towards Open Research Data and to coordinate stakeholder activities in partnership with the SDSC, SWITCH and SNSF.

swissuniversities is preparing the National Stratagy for Open Science in Switzerland, taking these different requirements in consideration, adding the Swiss Academies of Sciences in the consultation as well. This document will also serve as a basis for the National Open Science Action Plan 2021-2024.