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Project Contributions: Information on the 2020 Calls for Projects

swissuniversities has applied to the Swiss Higher Education Council for maximum CHF 124.42 million to support the launch of 13 programmes and projects in the framework of project contributions. The Higher Education Council will make the decision regarding the approval of this funding on November 26, 2020. Calls for projects are expected to take place for most programmes, which are coordinated by swissuniversities. The calls for projects will be launched from July 2020 on. They remain subject to the decisions of the Swiss Higher Education Council and the parliamentary discussions in December.

Currently open calls for projects: information in German and French


Mobility Promotion for Doctoral Students and Further Development of the Third Cycle (P-1)

Information in German and French

Open Science I (P-5)

  • Content of the call: Open Access action lines (to be defined in summer 2020). For reference, see the Open Access Action Plan on our website. This is a so-called "Continuous Call", which is valid for the entire duration of the Open Science I programme and envisages a launch and several cut-off dates.

  • Deadline: see document Implementation Plan below
  • Target audience: This call is addressed to Open Access officers at higher education institutions, service and e-infrastructure providers (including the Consortium, SLSP, RERO), libraries, communication services, research and teaching support services, editing or publishing services, researchers active in the development of OA solutions for one or more scientific disciplines (including members of editorial boards); research vice-rectorates for the aspect of research evaluation; students; teachers and trainers involved in the field of Open Access.

  • Documents: Implementation Plan

swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Network SUDAC-2 (P-6)

  • Content:  The second phase of SUDAC (2021-2024) will consolidate the network of cooperation in Switzerland and accomplish its extension in the Global South. The major deliverable will be the establishment of the Clusters of Cooperation (CLOCs).

    In 2021, one additional call for Consortia for Education and Research (COFERs) shall be launched. The purpose will be to fill important thematic gaps and/or to contribute to the consolidation of particular CLOCs. In order to further enlarge the network and the involvement of further HEIs, existing COFER leaders will not be allowed to submit additional proposals.

    Currently, the geographical outreach focuses on the following five regions: Latin America, West Africa, East Africa, MENA region, South Asia. See for further information.

    In 2020, depending on the financial situation, the decision will be taken by the SUDAC Assembly to launch a call for further CLOCs.
  • Funding: A total amount of ca. CHF 4 million will be available (around half of the funding coming from SERI, a second part from the matching funds of Swiss HEIs and a third part from the Assembly fees).
  • Deadline:  A decision on a possible call will be made in September 2020. Further information on any possible calls is expected to be published after September 2020.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in the Development of Higher Education Institutions (P-7)

Information in German and French

Enhancing Digital Skills in Teaching (P-8)

Information in German and French

Subject-Specific Didactics: Network Consolidation and Career Development (P-9)

Information in German and French

Pilot Programmes to Strengthen the Dual Competencies Profile of Young Talent at Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (UASAs) and Universities of Teacher Education (UTEs) (P-11)

Information in German and French