Within the framework of the project Internationalisation of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (UASAs) 2013–2016, a communication strategy and various communication materials were developed.

The communication strategy is based on six key messages supported by concrete proof points by the UASAs. Derived from this, are communication tools that allow the profile and the strengths of the UASAs to be presented in a targeted and convincing manner.

Discover and use the various media of Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts:

Communication Strategy

Portrait: «Forming individuals who shape the future»

Animation: UASAs in 100 seconds

e- Newsletter Proofpoint: A collection of UASAs success stories

e-Publication for Tablets: Switzerland powered by Innovation

PowerPoint presentation: Meet the Swiss UASAs

Postcard set: UASA key messages attractively illustrated

Instructions for use

  • The communication materials are addressed to persons from the UASA environment who communicate the Swiss UASA system to different target groups.
  • The means of communication and contents may be freely used and passed on, provided the source is given.
  • Numbers used are up-to-date as of 2016 and must be updated at a later date.
  • The PowerPoint presentation is designed in such a way that individual slides and/or pictograms can be integrated into other presentations.




Christine Kyburz,
Internationalization Universities of Applied Sciences & Arts

T +41 31 335 07 50