Our networking uses activities to present the specific strengths of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences to selected target groups in our priority countries.

This is mainly done by showing off the achievements of the Universities of Applied Sciences using practical examples from research, teaching and practice. This will lead to greater awareness of the Universities of Applied Sciences as committed and competent training and research institutions working on global topics, such as climate, energy, water, migration, demographics, health, the economy, and society.

1. Mobility programme for priority countries

The mobility programme for priority countries comprises delegation visits to the sites in the Education, Research & Innovation Network (ERI Network) by experts from the Universities of Applied Sciences from 2016 to mid-2017. These visits will focus on the exchange opportunities in all subject areas and provide access to relevant contacts for each subject:

  • “Water, Health, Migration”, Ethiopia, in cooperation with swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Office.
    June 16–25, 2017
  • “Towards Smart Cities – Integrated Approaches”, Astana/Kazakhstan Expo 2017 in cooperation with swissnex-mobile
    Date: tbd
  • "Cybersecurity", Singapore - Australia,
    March 9–17, 2017
  • "Energy", South Africa Delegation Tour 2016
    12–19 November, 2016, Swiss Embassy South Africa
    FH Delegation besucht Kapstadt und Johannesburg
  • "Arts and Social Innovation for Sustainability", Brazil Delegation Tour 2016
    November 7–11, 2016, swissnex Brazil
    FH Delegation besucht Sao Paulo und Rio de Janeiro
  • "Healthy Ageing in the Age of New Technologies", Asia Delegation Tour 2016
    October 17–28, 2016, swissnex China and STCs in Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul
    FH Delegation besucht China, Japan und Südkorea
  • "Smart Cities" India Delegation Tour 2016
    September 4–10, 2016, swissnex India
    "Smart Cities" UAS Delegation visits to Bangalore and Chennai
  • Education Innovation Delegation Tour 2016
    April 4–8, 2016, swissnex Boston and swissnex San Francisco
    "Education Innovation Delegation Tour - How can education benefit from technological innovation?"

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2. Cooperation with SwissCore in Brussels

The Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences position themselves and network within the European Higher Education Area by means of two cooperation projects developed with SwissCore:

  • Internship 2017 February – July 2017, SwissCore, Brussels A graduate of a Swiss university of applied science was on a six-month placement at SwissCore in Brussels. She was exploring a UAS relevant topic in the scientific study: Bringing Swiss UAS Arts and Design research and innovation to Brussels
  • UAS-Campus Tour, „From the lab to the market“.
    As a follow-up to the workshop organized in June 2016 in Brussels, a European delegation of representatives of international higher education networks is invited to a Swiss UAS-Campus tour on 28 and 29 November 2016 (details).
  • Internship 2016
    February – July 2016, SwissCore, Brussels
    A graduate of a Swiss university of applied science is on a six-month placement at SwissCore in Brussels. She is exploring a relevant topic in a scientific study and coordinating a workshop to be held there
  • Themed workshop
    "Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences in the European research and innovation landscape Showcases and Success stories"
    21 June 2016, SwissCore, Brussels
    The topic will be presented to a group of European experts with examples taken from the practical projects carried out by the Universities of Applied Sciences. This will be followed by a round table debate to discuss issues and new approaches. To exploit synergies, the experts will share their findings on the characteristics and specificities of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences in their own networks.


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Internationalization Universities of Applied Sciences & Arts

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