Equal Opportunities

Various bodies and programmes are responsible for promoting equal opportunities and diversity issues in Swiss higher education:

P-7: Equal opportunity and university development 2017-2020

The "Equal opportunity and university development" programme aims to ensure an even number of men and women in higher education and is also concerned with other aspects of inequality and diversity at universities. The programme helps to secure equal opportunity by means of action plans (a proven tool) and facilitates collaborative beacon projects across universities and other higher education institutions.

Equal Opportunities for Women and Men at Universities/Gender Studies 2013–2016 (SUK-Programme P-4)

The SUK Programme P-4 aims to institutionalise equal opportunities for women and men within higher education organisations, teaching, talent advancement, and research. The programme is also committed to ensuring that Gender Studies becomes sustainably established in university teaching and research.

The  programme, together with the federal programme Equal Opportunity at Universities of Applied Sciences and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies of the University of Berne, participates in the European Commission FP7 project ERA-NET GENDER-NET (2013-2016), which compares several national equal opportunities programmes with a view to evaluating their respective potential to be transferred to other EU member states (including associated countries) that do not yet run such programmes.

Federal Equal Opportunities Programme 2000–2012

The Federal Equal Opportunities Programme (FEOP) preceded the current SUK Programme. Launched in the year 2000, the FEOP ran for three funding periods. Its aim was to achieve the appropriate long-term representation of women in the highest ranks of the Swiss university system.

Checklist Diversity

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