Federal Equal Opportunities Programme 2000–2012

The Federal Act on University Funding of 1999 introduced so-called "project-tied funding", a new form of financial assistance aimed at supporting joint cantonal and federal concerns of national significance. Projects were selected by the Swiss University Conference. The Federal Programme "Equal Opportunities for Women and Men" was launched in the year 2000.

The programme was conceived from a national perspective and included three coordinated measures modules pursuing overarching goals. It is one of the most important steps taken to date for ensuring equal opportunities at Swiss universities.

Module 1 – Financial Incentives for Appointing Female

Whereas Module 1 measures were regarded as controversial ("per capita premium"), they made the issue of "transparent, gender-sensitive appointment processes" visible within higher education policy making. The resulting "ranking" stimulated competition among Switzerland’s universities. New appointments and the overall share of female professors are still surveyed on an annual basis.

Module 2 - Talent Advancement Projects

Talent advancement projects extend from subject- and target-group-specific one-to-one monitoring through peer mentoring, special mentoring in the field of medicine to gender-awareness-raising courses and lecture series, information databases, and information days for high school students at mathematics and science departments.

Module 3 - Balancing Career and Family Life in Academia

In recent years, childcare facilities have been established and expanded at all Swiss universities. Flexible childcare provision (in the case of illness, meetings, congresses) and holiday- and lunchtime provision for school-age children of university staff have also been established.

Publications Federal Equal Opportunities Programme 2000-2012/13

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Modul 2

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Modul 3

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