SUC Programme 2013-2016 P-4: "Equal opportunities at Swiss universities / Gender Studies"

This programme was funded within the framework of the federal project contributions 2013-2016. It has been concluded in the meantime.


The overarching goal of the SUC Programme 2013–2016 is for equal opportunities for women and men to become sustainably within higher education organisations, teaching, talent advancement, and research by 2016. It is also committed to ensuring that Gender Studies becomes sustainably established in university teaching and research.

The SUC Programme unites the subprogrammes “Equal Opportunities” and “Gender Studies” under one roof. Developing innovative equal opportunities measures and the purposeful anchoring of Gender Studies within higher education are complement each other. Reciprocal knowledge transfer and synergies are intended to support the drive toward equal opportunities. This objective corresponds to the European Commission’s demand for increasing the number of women in science and for incorporating the gender dimension as a quality feature into higher education research.

The Subprogramme Equal Opportunities (TPC)

This subprogramme strives to make considerable progress with ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in the Swiss university system. Achieving this objective requires appropriate staff and financial resources and the anchoring of equal opportunities structures within university budgets, long-term planning, and decision-making.

The Subprogramme Gender Studies (TPG)

This subprogramme aims to ensure that Gender Studies becomes sustainably established at Swiss universities and that this field is placed on a par with other scientific disciplines. TPG also strives to consolidate the existing country-wide Gender Network and to safeguard its long-term existence.

Equal Opportunities Action Plans of the 10 Cantonal Universities

Gender Monitoring

Programme Management


Dr. Gabriela Obexer-Ruff
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Catherine Vésy
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Proposal for the programme CUS «Equal Opportunities / Gender studies» 2013-2016 (in German / in French

Requirements for Action plans


Final report Equal opportunities 2013-2016 (in German, in French, with executive summary in English)

Women and men in Swiss higher education institutions: Indicators for equal opportunities in studies and academic career (in German, in French)

Interim report following the completion of the first half of the programme (in German and in French), Summary

Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs an Schweizer Universitäten: Statistische Kennzahlen zu Arbeitsbedingungen und Karriereperspektiven (SBFI 2014) (in German)

Publications within the Federal Equal Opportunities Programme 2000-2012