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General conditions

Holders of a foreign upper secondary school-leaving certificate from a signatory state of the Lisbon Recognition Convention are admitted by virtue of Art. IV unless a substantial difference can be shown between the foreign qualification and the Swiss one. It is up to the higher education institution to demonstrate this substantial difference.

Where admission to particular higher education programmes is dependent on the fulfilment of specific requirements in addition to the general requirements for access (e.g. aptitude tests or entrance examination), the competent authorities of the signatory party concerned may impose the additional requirements on holders of qualifications obtained from the other signatory party.

In cases in which admission to a higher education institution and/or programme is selective in the country of origin, then the Swiss higher education institution may apply the same condition (e.g. confirmation of admission to university in the country where the school-leaving certificate was issued).

Language skills may be required. Foreign school-leaving certificates awarded by private schools situated in Switzerland are assessed on the same basis as foreign school-leaving certificates.