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Canada (L)

General Provisions

Recognition of foreign upper secondary school-leaving certificates: general provisions for all countries

Recognised upper secondary school-leaving certificate

  • Alberta: Alberta High School Diploma
  • British Columbia: British Columbia Certificate of Graduation - Dogwood Diploma
  • Labrador: High School Graduation Diploma
  • Manitoba: High School Diploma
  • New Brunswick: High School Graduation Diploma - Diplôme de fin d«études
  • Newfoundland: High School Graduation Diploma
  • Northwest Territories: High School Graduation Diploma
  • Nova Scotia: High School Completion Certificate
  • Nunavut: Nunavut Senior Secondary School Graduation Diploma
  • Ontario: Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Prince Edward Island: Prince Edward High School Graduation Diploma
  • Québec: Diplôme d'études collégiales (D.E.C.) préuniversitaire
  • Saskatchewan: Record of Secondary Level Achievement (Transcript) for complete Grade 12 standing

with the following general education subjects
(during the last 3 years)

  1. First language (native language)
  2. Second language
  3. Mathematics 
  4. Natural sciences (biology, chemistry or physics)
  5. Humanities and social sciences (geography, history or economics/law)
  6. Elective (one subject from category 2, 4 or 5 or computer science or philosophy. Computer science and philosophy can only be chosen as a sixth subject)

Language skills and/or exams under reserve

Admission requirements of each university

valid for the academic year 2019/20

EPFLUpper secondary school-leaving certificate + Entrance Examination EPFL
ETHZUpper secondary school-leaving certificate + certificate of university admission in the desired academic subject provided by a recognised Canadian university + Reduced Entrance Examination ETHZ. Otherwise: Comprehensive Entrance Examination ETHZ
BaselAdmission requirements
BernAdmission requirements
FribourgAdmission requirements
GenèveAdmission requirements
LausanneAdmission requirements
LuzernAdmission requirements
NeuchâtelAdmission requirements
St. GallenAdmission requirements
ZürichAdmission requirements
USIAdmission requirements