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Italy (L) (B)

General Provisions

Recognition of foreign upper secondary school-leaving certificates: general provisions for all countries

Recognised upper secondary school-leaving certificate

  • Diploma di istruzione secondaria superiore del
    • liceo classico
    • liceo linguistico
    • liceo scientifico
    • liceo scientifico opzione scienze applicate
    • liceo delle scienze umane
    • liceo delle scienze umane opzione economico-sociale

with the following general education subjects
(during the last 3 years)

  1. First language (native language)
  2. Second language
  3. Mathematics 
  4. Natural sciences (biology, chemistry or physics)
  5. Humanities and social sciences (geography, history or economics/law)
  6. Elective (one subject from category 2, 4 or 5)

Language skills and/or exams under reserve

Admission requirements of each university

valid for the academic year 2019/20

EPFLEsame di Stato (liceo scientifico) including the subjects 1) mathematics, 2) physics, 3) Italian and 4) second modern language. The final grade must be 80% or above. Three of the following additional subjects must also have been followed during the upper secondary school years and/or be part of the Esame di Stato: 1) applied mathematics or computer science, 2) general geography, 3) general history, 4) third modern language, 5) chemistry or biology. Otherwise: Entrance Examination EPFL
ETHZUpper secondary school-leaving certificate in ‘indirizzo scientifico’ of a Liceo with proof of the following: tuition in the subjects 1. mathematics, 2. physics or chemistry or biology and 3. language of instruction or foreign language during the last two years before the upper secondary school-leaving certificate. The state examination must be passed with minimum overall mark (‘votazione complessiva’)  of 70/100 + four of the following subjects must have been part of the final three years of schooling: physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, another language, geography, history, economics. Additional requirement for the field of architecture: certificate of university admission in the desired academic subject provided by a recognised Italian university. Otherwise: Reduced  Entrance Examination ETH. For all other indirizzi of the Liceo: reduced entrance Examination ETH
BaselUpper secondary school-leaving certificate
BernUpper secondary school-leaving certificate

Upper secondary school-leaving certificate

Upper secondary school-leaving certificate
GenèveUpper secondary school-leaving certificate
LausanneUpper secondary school-leaving certificate
NeuchâtelUpper secondary school-leaving certificate
St. GallenUpper secondary school-leaving certificate + HSG admission test
ZürichUpper secondary school-leaving certificate

Diploma di istruzione secondaria superiore

anche riconosciuti:

  • Indirizzo artistico conferito da un liceo artistico (diploma di liceo artistico) limitatamente ai programmi di Bachelor in Architettura e in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana
  • Indirizzo "Amministrazione, finanza e marketing" conferito da un istituto tecnico del settore economico, limitatamente ai programmi di Bachelor in Scienze economiche, Scienze della comunicazione e Scienze informatiche
  • Indirizzo "Informatica e telecomunicazioni" conferito da un istituto tecnico del settore tecnologico, limitatamente al programma di Bachelor in Scienze informatiche