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Portugal (L)

General Provisions

Recognition of foreign upper secondary school-leaving certificates: general provisions for all countries.

Recognised upper secondary school-leaving certificate

  • Diploma Nivel Secundário de Educaçao
  • Certificado Nivel Secundário de Educaçao

with the following general education subjects (during the last 3 years)

  1. First language (native language)
  2. Second language
  3. Mathematics
  4. Natural sciences (biology, chemistry or physics)
  5. Humanities and social sciences (geography, history or economics/law)
  6. Elective (one subject from category 2, 4 or 5)

Language skills and/or exams under reserve.

Admission requirements of each university

valid for the academic year 2019/20

EPFLUpper secondary school-leaving certificate + Entrance Examination EPFL
ETHZUpper secondary school-leaving certificate + certificate of university admission in the desired academic subject provided by a recognised Portuguese university + reduced Entrance Examination ETHZ.Otherwise: Comprehensive Entrance Examination ETHZ
BaselUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
BernUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
FribourgUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
GenèveUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
LausanneUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
LuzernUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
NeuchâtelUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
St. GallenUniversity degree (at least 3 years) + HSG admission test
ZürichUniversity degree (at least 3 years)
USIFaculty of Lugano: University degree (at least 3 years)
Academy of Architecture: Upper secondary school-leaving certificate with proof of the following: tuition in the subjects 1. mathematics, 2. physics or chemistry and 3. Native language and a foreign language. Each of these subjects must be part of the final exam and passed with the minimum grade average of 70% + three of the following subjects must have been part of the final 3 years of schooling: geometry or applied mathematics, geography, history, modern languages, natural sciences