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European Baccalaureate

General Provisions

Recognition of foreign upper secondary school-leaving certificates: general provisions for all countries

Recognised upper secondary school-leaving certificate

  • European Baccalaureate

with the following general education subjects

  1. First language (native language)
  2. Second language
  3. Mathematics 
  4. Natural sciences (biology, chemistry or physics)
  5. Humanities and social sciences (geography, history or economics/law)
  6. Elective (one subject from category 2, 4 or 5 or computer science or philosophy. Computer science and philosophy can only be chosen as a sixth subject)

Language skills and/or exams under reserve

Admission requirements of each university

valid for the academic year 2022/23


Upper secondary school-leaving certificate in a scientific stream including the subjects 1) mathematics, 2) physics, 3) first modern language and 4) second modern language. The grade average must be 80% or more of the maximum grade. Three of the following additional subjects must also have been followed during the upper secondary school years and/or be part of the certificate: 1) applied mathematics or computer science, 2) general geography, 3) general history or general philosophy, 4) third modern language, 5) chemistry or biology. Otherwise: Entrance Examination EPFL


European Baccalaureate + proof of tuition in the subjects 1. mathematics, 2. physics, chemistry or biology, 3. language of instruction or a foreign language during the last two years before the Baccalaureate final exam. These subjects must be part of the Baccalaureate final exam and passed with a minimum grade average of 70%. Four of the following subjects must – in addition to the 3 subjects above -  also have been part of the final three years of schooling: physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, another language, geography, history, economics. Otherwise: Reduced Entrance Examination ETHZ


European Baccalaureate 


European Baccalaureate 


European Baccalaureate    


European Baccalaureate


European Baccalaureate


European Baccalaureate 


European Baccalaureate 

St. Gallen

European Baccalaureate + HSG admission test


European Baccalaureate  


European Baccalaureate