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Area of Application

The area of application of the incorporates the member insitutions of swissuniversities (according to Art. 2 Para. 2 Higher Education Funding and Coordination Act HEdA)

The three types of higher education institutions of the Swiss higher education system (German/French)

The following institutions can implement the on a voluntary basis:

  • the university-level institutions (according to Art. 2 Para. 2 HEdA)
  • the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (according to the Berufsbildungsgesetz BBG, Art. 48/Loi fédérale sur la formation LFPr, l'art. 48)
  • the university of applied sciences Les Roches-Gruyère
  • institutions and programmes accredited by swissuniversities.

List of recognised or accredited Swiss higher education institutions

The specifications in the refer to the following study programmes of the higher education institutions:

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Doctorate
  • Further education at tertiary level.