Launch ist das neue nationale Portal für...

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Merkmale der PH und Strategie 2017-2020

Am 1. Februar 2017 hat die Kammer Pädagogische...

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A National Open Access Strategy: Toward the Unrestricted Publication of Research Output

At its plenary assembly on Tuesday, 31 January...

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Die europäischen Hochschulen fordern ein sofortiges Überdenken von Trumps Einreiseverbot

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Neue Governance für das Zulassungsverfahren für das Medizinstudium

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Echange et coopération en recherche et enseignement: opportunités européennes

La Commission recherche et développement de la...

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SUDAC programme: first call for proposals launched

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EURAXESS website relaunch: we are online

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BREF – Brückenschläge mit Erfolg

Die Förderentscheide sind gefallen. Die nächste...

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Sonderpädagogische Kompetenzen in der Ausbildung von Regelklassen-Lehrpersonen

Die Kammer der Pädagogischen Hochschulen von...

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The term employability has been heard with increasing frequency in higher education policy discussions in recent years.

The employability of university graduates has been cited as an important goal of the Bologna process on various occasions (e.g. the London communiqué in 2007). The discussion regarding employability is closely linked with the topic of the skills that are to be acquired and learning outcomes.

The focus of Swiss universities

The focus of Swiss universities in this discussion is on developing the skill-oriented profile of study programmes and rendering university-specific skills visible (learning outcomes). CRUS published an employability checklist in May 2013.



Courses of study at UAS

Courses of study at universities of applied sciences are, by law, focussed on employability, which is understood to be sound practical, academic or artistic professional qualifications. The development of student skills is at the centre of the design and implementation of bachelor«s and master»s degrees at universities of applied sciences. This topic is the subject of the KFH best practice of November 2011.