COFER PRO GED: Promoting gender equality and diversity through shared knowledge production

About the project

This pioneering project entitled "Promoting Gender Equality and Diversity through Shared Knowledge Production" (PRO GED) aims at fostering scientific exchange on the levels of re-search, education and institution building in the field of gender and diversity. It is a joint cooperation between three Swiss Institutions of Higher Education (the University of Zurich as the leading house with the University of Geneva and the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz as official partners) and several official partners in the Middle East and North Africa (the ISIS Center for Women and Development and the International Institute for Languages and Cultures, INLAC, in Fez/Morocco; the Women and Memory Forum in Cairo/Egypt; the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World, IWSAW; and the Department of Social Sciences, DSS, at the Lebanese American University in Beirut/Lebanon). PRO GED is coordinated by the Chair for Gender Studies and Islamic Studies at the University of Zurich, with its decidedly non-Western focus and its firmly established national, international and regional networks.

Head of COFER

Prof Dr Bettina Dennerlein
University of Zurich
Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies
Department of Gender Studies and Islamic Studies
Rämistrasse 59
CH-8001 Zürich


Project summary

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