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Swiss Open Science Action Plan Kick-Off Forum

Swiss Open Science Action Plan Kick-Off Forum hosted by swissuniversities was held on October 17, 2019 at the Forum Rolex of the EPFL in Lausanne. The event, attended by some 140 participants, provided an opportunity to promote the exchange among the members of the Open Science Community in Switzerland and to gather fresh, inspiring and visionary ideas. 

We welcomed Keynote Speakers Mr. Martin Vetterli of the EPFL, Merce Crosas of Harvard University and Fernando Perez of US Berkeley. A total of 11 of the posters and six of the videos received after the call (see the invitation here) were presented and three best of them were awarded with prizes.

Video capture of the event

Link to the video capture of the whole event.


Welcome Address

Martin Vetterli
President of EPFL

Keynote Speakers

Mercè Crosas
University Research Data Officer (HUIT) and Chief Data Science
and Technology Officer (IQSS), Harvard University

Fernando Pérez
Assistant Professor, Statistics Department,
University of California Berkeley


Patrick Furrer
Program Coordinator, swissuniversities

Aude Dieudé
Portfolio Manager, swissuniversities

Posters & Videos



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