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Impact of the war in Ukraine on cooperation with Russian researchers and students

The Board of swissuniversities observes with great concern the development of the war in Ukraine and its impact on the cooperation with Russian researchers and students. When political agreements and rules of diplomacy are unilaterally overridden, many areas in science remain connected through a common understanding of scientific freedom and academic integrity. This scientific cooperation must not serve to support the aggressive policy of the Russian government, which with this war of aggression violates fundamental principles of human rights, international law and basic European values. In this sense, the Board of swissuniversities recommends that Swiss universities review their scientific collaborations with universities in Russia and suspend them where such a danger exists.
At the same time, the entire scientific community in Russia must not be affected by this war through no fault of its own.  The Board of swissuniversities is therefore in favor of supporting institutions as well as researchers and students in Russia who are suffering from the current situation and who are committed, as far as possible, to the European system of values and law. Furthermore, it protects Ukrainian and Russian researchers and students at Swiss universities, and it is committed to a peaceful cooperation of their researchers, teachers and students regardless of their nationality.


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