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University Values



Academic Freedom

swissuniversities recalls the values of academic freedom and cooperation, which are not only the cornerstones of the higher education sector, but also make a fundamental contribution to the stability of society and democracy. In view of the numerous global developments of recent years that threaten these fundamental values, it is all the more important that swissuniversities and individual institutions clearly commit to their protection.

Read the full statement here.


Guide International Collaboration

On May 18th 2022, swissuniversities published a guide for Responsible International Collaborations.


The press release can be viewed here.


Scientific Integrity

With a jointly developed code on scientific integrity, swissuniversities, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency Innosuisse and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences are committed to ensuring that integrity is practiced and misconduct avoided in the scientific community.

The code can be viewed here


Networks and Memberships

swissuniversities is part of various national and international networks whose mission is to preserve and further disseminate university values.


Scholars at Risk

swissuniversities has been a member of the "Scholars at Risk" network since June 2017. The network aims to protect researchers who are persecuted for their opinions and to prevent attacks on the freedom of researchers. By joining, swissuniversities testifies to the solidarity of Swiss higher education and the commitment to academic freedom and autonomy.  At the same time, it emphasizes the importance of allowing scientists to carry out their research activities under acceptable conditions.

The Swiss section (SAR Switzerland) is committed to sharing and disseminating the values and goals of Scholars at Risk. Its tasks also include sharing information and best-practice documents and planning joint activities with its section members. Founded in May 2017, the Swiss section of SAR now consists of 19 higher education institutions, as well as the Swiss Academies and swissuniversities.



The Universities4Enlightenment network stands for the protection of academic freedom and university values in Europe. It currently consists of 10 rectors' conferences, with swissuniversities joining since its founding in 2018. Within the framework of this network, the Vienna Declaration was signed in 2018, among other things.