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P-5 Services

Projects funded by the P-5 Program: Scientific Information

The scientific information program (2013-2021) is now completed. It funded 43 projects, 30 of which resulting in services that benefit all members of the scientific community. This program has evolved into the current Open Science Program 2021-2024, which focuses on Open Access and will soon integrate a new part focusing on Open Research Data.






Copyright and data protection law around research data management

Copyright and data protection law around research data management

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Easy access to scientific information Swiss libraries

The Swiss Library Service Platform SLSP connects almost 500 Swiss libraries via the national library system "swisscovery".

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A professional research data management solution

"" is a professional solution for Research Data Management.

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High performance computing and data services in a cloud infrastructure

Services for Large Volume Experiment-Data Analysis utilising Supercomputing and Cloud technologies.

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Data processing made easy

With "DaaS" (Data Analysis as a Service), the Photon Science Division and the Scientific IT Department offer a high-performance data analysis center for scientists.

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Digital identity for lifelong learning

It is intended for lifelong use by university staff and other users - even outside the respective organization.

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Open access scientific journal of oculomotor research

It addresses topics such as eye movement methodology, neurophysiological and cognitive models, neurological and ergonomic aspects, attention and reading.

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The archive of scientific publications

"SONAR" (Swiss Open Access Repository) is an archive of scientific publications.

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eScience Grid Certificates

Langfristige Archivierung und Nutzung diszipliEnhanceR stellt die Schweizerische Nationale Behörde für eScience Grid-Zertifikate zur Verfügung.

Sie können Grid-Host- und User-Zertifikate auf deren Webseite beantragen.

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OA Compliance Check Tool

A decision-making aid

All relevant information on the OA publication of scientific articles.

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Standardized and networked data for the historical sciences

Research platform that manages standardized data on Swiss history and develops digital tools for networking data sets.

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extends local IT infrastructures with computing and storage power

"SWITCHengines" provides computing and storage services in the form of virtual machines - for research, for education, for educational institutions.

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The platform for digitized prints from Swiss libraries has been extended to include full text

In the project, which ran from June 2016 to September 2017, the e-rara platform was expanded to include full-text recognition.

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Simple, fast access to federal and cantonal geodata

"GeoVITe" (Geodata Versatile Information Transfer Environment) offers Swiss universities simple, fast access to federal and cantonal geodata.

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National licenses

Nationwide availability of electronic journal archives from scientific publishers

"National licenses" improve the nationwide availability of electronic journal archives from scholarly publishers.

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Cloud platform for active learning and knowledge sharing

Graasp is an open-access cloud platform for active learning and knowledge sharing.

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Long-term archiving and use of cross-disciplinary research data

"SWISSUbase" is a national technical solution for Swiss universities and other research organizations to provide.

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The Swiss solution for the long-term use and preservation of research data

"OLOS" is a Swiss solution for the management, deposit, exchange, publication and preservation of research data.

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Materials Cloud

Simulation, education, research and archiving services for computational materials science

"Materials Cloud" highly simplifies managing research data and results in computational materials science

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Transcription Tool

Independent transcription of digitized manuscripts

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Persistent content identifiers and con-textual metadata

"INCIPIT-CRIS" (Infrastructure Nationale d'un Complément d'Identifiants Pérennes, Interopérables et Traçables) combines the ARKetype service (Archival Resource Keys) with a "Current Research Information System" (CRIS).

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Open Science Summerschool

Competence in Open Data and Open Access

The "Open Science Summerschool" is an advanced training program for junior researchers at universities and universities of applied sciences.

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An open education student-led law journal

The open access journal "cognitio" offers a nationwide platform for young students and academics, especially in law.

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"Simple User Interface" for using the database of the Data and Service Center for the Humanities ("DaSCH")

"SUID" is a "Simple User Interface" for using the database of the Data and Service Center for the Humanities ("DaSCH").

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Swiss EGI Membership

EnhanceR bietet seinen Mitgliedern eine schweizerische assoziierte Mitgliedschaft bei an.

Die assoziierte EGI-Mitgliedschaft garantiert den EnhanceR-Mitgliedern Zugang zu den EGI-Diensten des EOSC.

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