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"JEMR" - open access scientific journal of oculomotor research.






About the project

It addresses topics such as eye movement methodology, neurophysiological and cognitive models, neurological and ergonomic aspects, attention and reading. Research submitted to JEMR must meet internationally accepted standards for research practice and reporting. "JEMR papers are edited by experts and are stored in the LOCKSS (Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) system of the University of Bern for long-term archiving and also archived in PubMed Central (







Key data

  • Large interdisciplinary community (>3000 registered users)
  • Representative editorial board (currently 52 members)
  • Fair reviewing by international specialists of highest ranking

Project management

Rudolf Groner, Chief Editor, CH-3305 Iffwil (Switzerland),

Marina Groner, Associate Chief Editor, CH-3305 Iffwil (Switzerland),

Sarah Singer, Editorial Executive, scians Ltd., Iffwil, Switzerland,

Peter Stoffel, Editorial Assistant, scians Ltd., Iffwil, Switzerland,

Peter Bruehwiler, Editorial Assistant, scians Ltd., Iffwil, Switzerland,

JEMR Ethics Committee Chair: Frouke Hermens, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, The Hague,