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The digital transformation is shaping many areas of life and so it is changing the fields of education and research. The digital transformation is hence an interdisciplinary topic that is scientifically monitored and supported from the perspective of technology as well as society, politics and the economy. Universities are strengthening society in the best possible way to master the risks of digital change and harness the potential of digitalisation. In doing so, universities are committed to digital change, taking sustainability and inclusion into account.

Digitalisation is profoundly changing research processes and methods in all subjects. It enables new administrative solutions, systems for data security or the storage of research data and access to it. In addition, new areas of research are emerging that have only become possible thanks to digitalisation.

Swiss universities have therefore made shaping and managing the digital transformation one of their strategic goals for 2025-2028. They are dedicated to digitalisation in research, teaching and their own organisation/institution. The universities of teacher education, for example, are focussing on researching, shaping and supporting the transformation process in teacher training and at schools.

swissuniversities supports cooperation projects between universities in various areas: