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Digital change already determines many areas of today’s life including education and research. The digitalisation of the science system encompasses various aspects, ranging from organisational issues to technological infrastructure and innovative forms of cooperation.

Digitialisation is profoundly changing research processes and methods in all subjects. It enables new administrative solutions, systems for data security or the storage of and access to research data. In addition, new areas of research are emerging which have only become possible through digitalisation.

swissuniversities supports cooperation projects between higher education institutions which help to strengthen digital skills. Thanks to targeted promotional measures, the P-5 program initiates and manages coordination between them with the objective of improving the supply of digital scientific contents and creating optimized tools for their processing.

Currently, swissuniversities is preparing the National Strategy for Open Science which, as the successor programme to P-5 and together with Open Access, will support higher education institutions in making their contribution to open science.