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swissuniversities endorses the Federal Council's statement condemning Russia's military invasion in the strongest possible terms and noting that Russia has thereby massively violated international law. The short-, medium- and longer-term consequences for international security and cooperation can hardly be foreseen at present.

We call on European governments to take immediate action to protect the lives and careers of Ukrainian university staff, students, researchers, and civil society actors, as well as the entire Ukrainian population.

The warlike developments will have serious consequences for Ukrainian universities. Swiss universities will do everything in their power to host teachers, researchers and students from Ukrainian universities.

Legal guidelines for Refugees from Ukraine

The Federal Council decided on 11.3.22 to activate the protection status S for refugees from Ukraine. This will enable an unbureaucratic, rapid response to the expected refugee movements in the coming months. 

The protection status S is primarily aimed at refugees with Ukrainian nationality. Refugees from Urkaine with other nationalities may be granted protection status S if they cannot return to their home countries in safety and permanently.

Federal Statement on the Activation of Protection Status S (ger) (11.3.22)

Fact Sheet: Protection Status S (ger)


Recognition Ukrainian qualifications

SERI is responsible for the recognition of many foreign diplomas, but is not the only authority. Additional information is available, specifically focusing on applications from persons with S status.

Recognition of Ukrainian qualifications for the purpose of carrying out a professional activity in Switzerland (PDF, 685 kB, 28.03.2022)

Визнання українських дипломів з метою роботи за професією (Ukrainian) (PDF, 646 kB, 31.03.2022)

Признание украинских дипломов с целью работы по профессии (Russian) (PDF, 654 kB, 31.03.2022)

Support for Researchers from Ukraine

Support for Students from Ukraine

For Ukrainian refugees who wish to continue their academic education in Switzerland, the following resources are available:


Overview of all Study programmes at Swiss institutions

General information about studying in Switzerland

Overview of projects for refugees at Swiss institutions (Swiss Student Union SSU)

Crowdfunding: Housing for Ukrainian Students (Swiss Student Union SSU)


As a general rule:

The admission of refugees to studies lies within the competence of the higher education institutions. swissuniversities recommends contacting the respective institutions directly to clarify the criteria and possibilities for admission. 

Admission requirements of the universities for students with a Ukrainian upper secondary school leaving certificate: => Ukraine 

Students who meet these criteria and have already earned 120 ECTS may apply directly to the university of their choice. 

Students with a Ukrainian upper secondary school leaving certificate and who have already acquired some ECTS at a Ukrainian university can apply for a program as visiting student in Switzerland. 

Students who are in possession of an upper secondary school leaving certificate but have not yet studied in Ukraine have two options: 

  • They apply for a study place in Ukraine and acquire some ECTS via distance learning. By enrolling in a foreign university, they can apply for a program as visiting student at a university in Switzerland. 

  • They obtain a Swiss Baccalaureate certificate. The cantons can integrate them into the appropriate secondary school structures. Duration: at least two years. 

Websites of institutions

Various institutions of higher education have posted their own information on the current situation. The following list is continuously updated.



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