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Swiss EGI Membership

"Swiss EGI Membership"

EnhanceR provides Swiss associated membership in for its members.





About the project

The associated EGI membership guarantees access to the EOSC EGI services for the EnhanceR members. Upon assembly decision the membership can be upgraded to full member status which includes governance rigths and access to EGI projects and funds. EnhanceR membership is open to legal persons, corporate bodies and institutions which declare their interest in the purpose of the association.






  • EPFL
  • ETHL
  • FHNW
  • FMI
  • HSLU
  • PSI​
  • University of Bern
  • University of Fribourg
  • University of Zurich

Key data

EOSC, EGI, EnhanceR


Project management

Sigve Haug, PD Dr.

EnhanceR President

3000 Bern