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"cognitio" - an open education student-led law journal

The open access journal "cognitio" offers a nationwide platform for young students and academics, especially in law.



About the project

Young researchers are introduced to scientific work through personal feedback loops, an elaborate peer review process, workshops on "good" writing, and much more. As a journal, "cognitio" stands for the expansion and sustainable safeguarding of open access principles in the legal sciences and is therefore also listed in the DOAJ. The goal of the editorial team is to stimulate a broad professional and social discourse with the help of publicly accessible publications.


Alumni Organisation der Universität Luzern

maz – die Schweizer Journalistenschule

Universität Luzern – Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Universität Luzern – Universitäre Lehrkommission

ZHB Luzern

Key data

  • Open Access
  • Student Forum
  • Promotion of young academics
  • Law
  • Scientific work

Project management

cognitio Redaktion
Frohburgstrasse 3
Postfach 4466
6002 Luzern

Twitter: @cognitio_Luzern
Insta: cognitio_zeitschrift
LinkedIn: cognitio