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"INCIPIT-CRIS" - persistent content identifiers and contextual metadata.






About the project

"INCIPIT-CRIS" (Infrastructure Nationale d'un Complément d'Identifiants Pérennes, Interopérables et Traçables) combines the ARKetype service (Archival Resource Keys) with a "Current Research Information System" (CRIS). "INCIPIT-CRIS" thus combines persistent content identifiers (INCIPIT) with contextual metadata (CRIS) to establish a coherent tracing of the content context of the research object. "INCIPIT-CRIS" also supports the transfer of the research and metadata to a repository and/or archive. "INCIPIT-CRIS" is particularly focused on the area of cultural heritage in terms of content. 






Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics


Key data

  • ARK Persistent identifier
  • Interoperability with ORC-ID, DOI, ROR
  • GUI and API access
  • META Data enrichment
  • CSV Import




Project management

René Schneider, Professeur ordinaire, HEG, Tambourine 17, 1227 CAROUGE, Arnaud Gaudinat, Professeur associé HEG, Tambourine 17, 1227 CAROUGE, a