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"Sonar"- the archive of scientific publications

"SONAR" (Swiss Open Access Repository) is an archive of scientific publications.




About the project

It collects and promotes publications by authors from Swiss public research institutions according to the FAIR principles of "Findable", "Accessible", "Interoperable" and "Reusable". "SONAR" aggregates content and metadata from international sources and from institutional repositories (IR) of Swiss universities. In addition, "SONAR" offers universities an "IR hosting service" that serves as a research publication platform. Here, researchers can store their publications directly. 






RERO+ Foundation

HES-SO / Haute école de gestion de Genève

Fachhochschule Graubünden

Università della Svizzera italiana

Key data

  • Direct publication depositing by researchers
  • Validation process, with roles of depositor, moderator and administrator
  • SWITCH edu-ID and ORCID authentication
  • Research project management
  • Document collections
  • ARK persistent identifiers
  • Access embargoes, document masking, authorizations by IP address range
  • Multilingual interface (DE, EN, FR, IT)
  • Comprehensive RESTful API

Project management

RERO+ Foundation
Miguel Moreira, managing director
Av. de la Gare 45
1920 Martigny, Switzerland